RealTime's core virtual technology is founded upon the CryENGINE® development tool set produced by a world leader in entertainment games. RealTime built upon this code foundation and integrated state-of-the-art feature sets to address the needs of the training and simulation community. The result is Virtual Attain™.

  • tools

    Virtual Attain™ Sandbox™ gives developers full control over their production content in real-time. It features many improved efficiency tools to enable fast development of simulation and serious game environments and game-play. Industry-specific features include DIS, After-Action Review and Multi-Channel.

  • technologies

    Great tools make great developers! Virtual Attain™ features many innovations to accelerate the development process and ensure teams are able to maximize their productivity.

  • characters

    Virtual Attain™ brings together the most technically advanced, integrated and scalable animation and graphics technology to deliver astonishingly real characters to all platforms, at no extra licensing cost.

  • physics

    Virtual Attain™ includes an integrated multi-threaded high performance physics engine. Physics can be applied to almost everything in the simulated environment – including buildings, props, trees and vegetation.

  • worlds

    Virtual Attain™ excels at creating and simulating complex and interactive worlds. Realistic life like environments and full interaction with the environment are achieved by using the Virtual Attain™ tools pipeline.

  • audio

    The sound system in Virtual Attain™ offers many features and improvements with its data-driven concept which guaranties a flawless and low-risk audio development.

  • rendering

    Benchmark-setting graphical performance, near-photorealism in indoor and wide-open outdoor environments and extra-ordinary real-time special effects are some of the hallmarks of Virtual Attain™ realtime rendering

  • stereo

    The world’s most powerful 3D engine, Virtual Attain™, now launches with full Stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) support at the click of a button.