A leader in simulation and training, RealTime Immersive empowers its customers to create the most immersive and effective virtual learning experiences possible with the lowest investment of time, money and effort.

The Challenge. The increasing costs associated with live training, combined with decreasing budgets at all levels of government, military and commercial organizations, have created a demand for new methods of effectively maintaining and improving human performance.

The Solution. RealTime Immersive was created to meet this demand by pairing next-generation simulation technologies with innovative design approaches to replicate the benefits of live training in a virtual environment while providing significant savings.

At RealTime we build experiences with the highest level of knowledge transfer and retention in a virtual medium.

Recognized by the Industry. RealTime Immersive was honored to be recognized by the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge community of experts and proud to be selected as Best Business Game for 2012. Virtual Attain™ was one of more than 50 entries and 18 finalists. The judging process included more than 100 people from academia, government and industry worldwide.